How to do Wudu? – Read Online Step-by-Step Guide of Wuzu

In this post, we will learn How to do Wudu Step By Step. By reading this, 📖 you can easily learn 🤲 Method of Doing Wuzu and correct your Wuzu.

boy doing wudu

There are many people who do their Wadu but don’t know whether their wudu have been done correctly or not?

Every muslim man 👳🏽 and woman 🧕 should know, how to do wudu correctly. Because in Islam it is necessary to be clean and perform wudu before praying and reading Quran Sharif.

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Correct Way to do Wudu

Without Wudu we can neither read Quran nor offer Namaz. So, lets know, How to do Wuzu in perfect way.

Before learn, Method of doing wudu, it is very important to know how many faraiz of wuzu. Because if you left even single faraiz in middle of wuzu then wuzu cannot be complete.

How Many Faraiz of Wudu?

There are four faraiz of wudu in Islam. Which are: –

  1. To Wash the Face
  2. Washing both the hands
  3. To Make Masah (Wipe) over one-fourth of the heath.
  4. To Wash the Both Feet

How to do Wuzu Complete in Details

step by step method of wudu

Below, we will explain the method of doing Wudu in full details.

The method of performing wudu is very simple.

🕋 1. Make intention of Wudu.

You shuold make intention by heart when you are going to do wudu.

🕋 2. Read Bismillah Hir Rahmanir Raheem.

First of all you read Bismillah and start doing wudu.

🕋 3. Read Dua for Doing Wudu.

The dua to perform wudu is given below

Dua for Doing Wudu

بِسْمِ اللّٰهِ الْعَظِيْمِ وَالْحَمْدُ الِلّٰهِ عَلٰى دِيْنِ الْاِسْلَامِ

Bismillahil Azimi Wal Hamdu Lillahi Ala Deenil Islam

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🕋 4. Washing both hands from Wrist

You have to wash your both hands together with the knots (up to the wrist) three times and wash the space between the fingers thoroughly.

Keep in mind that if you are wearing a ring 💍, then you should also move it so that water can reach under it.

🕋 5. Rinsing or Mouth Watering

Gargle three times in such a way that the water reaches all the roots of the mouth and all the places of the teeth. If you want to do wazu by sunnat method, do miswak for it.

There are many benefits of miswak, if you know them then you will never forget to miswak. If you do not have a miswak, you can also brush your teeth with your fingers.

📌 Note: - For your information, let us tell you that if you are doing Wudu in the state of fasting, then you do not have to gargle at all, just rinse your mouth three times with water because gargling can also breaks your fast.

🕋 6. Sniff Water Into Your Nostrils

The right way to Sniff Water Into Your Nostrils is, to take some water in the right hand and pull it upwards with the breath in the nose in such a way that the water in the nose reaches only to the soft bone of the nose. The left pinkie should be used for cleaning the right and left nostrils (respectively) after each rinse.

🕋 7. Wash Your Face

Now rub your face thoroughly with water and wash it three times in such a way that not even a single hair remains dry from the hair of the forehead to the bottom of the chin, from one earlobe to the other earlobe.

If you have a beard, then do Khilal in such a way that you insert your fingers from the side of the neck and take them out in front, as well as pour water on the hair and skin.

🕋 8. Wash Your Arms

Washing both the hands including the elbows in such a way that even a single hair does not remain dry.

First start with the nail of the right hand and pour water three times till the elbow, then pour water on the left hand as well as on the right hand. After that, a quarter of the head has to be wiped.

🕋 9. To Make Masah (Wipe) over One-Fourth of the Head

When we make wudu for prayer, then it is Fard to wipe the head. Many people do not wipe the head properly and make many mistakes while doing it.

For this, we have given below the correct way of wiping the head while doing Wudu, understand it well.

Leaving the thumb and forefinger of both the hands, keep the ends of the remaining three fingers together at the place where the hair grows on the forehead, if there is hair, otherwise keep it on the skin.

Now, while wiping the fingers, move the back on the upper part of the head in such a way that the palms remain separate from the head.

While wiping both sides of the head with the palms, bring it back to the forehead and remove the hands from the head. After that wipe the inner part of the ear with the shaadat fingers. After that, the outer surface of the ear is to be wiped with the thumb.

So, in this way, one-fourth of the head has to be wiped.

🕋 10. Washing the Feet up to the Ankles

Now both the feet have to be washed with water. First of all wash the right leg with water at least three times up to the ankles, then wash the left leg three times in the same way as the right leg.

In this way the method of doing Wazu is complete. In this way you can make wazu easily.

11. After doing Wadu read Dua after Wazu

which is like this

اَللهُمَّ اَجْعَلْنِىْ مِنَ التَّوَّابِيْنَ وَاجْعَلْنِيْ مِنَ الْمُتَطَهِّرِيْنَ

Allahummaz Alni Minat Tawwava Beena Waj Alni Minal Muta Tahireen.

📌 Note: - Before reading dua after wudu, read second kalma.

Conditions for Breaking Wudu

Do you know by what things Wudu is broken. If these things happen to someone then his wudu will break and you will need to do wudu again.

Wudu is broken by 8 things. You should take care of these eight things. The easiest way to remember them, you come from top to bottom in your body, then you will always remember these things.

For example, these eight things are related to the head, mouth, body, and private parts.

Which are Mentioned Below


  1. To be out of control by mind
  2. Falling unconscious due to illness or any other reason.


  1. Vomiting with full mouth.
  2. Laughing loudly in prayer.


  1. Sleeping lying down or taking support.
  2. Effusion of blood or pus from any part of the body.

Private Parts

  1. Defecation or urination or any other thing coming out of both of these ways.
  2. Riha-Kharij means the exit of air from behind.

Some things that make Wudu Makrooh

Friends, let us tell you here that there are 4 Makrooh things in Wudhu, which should not be done in Wudhu or some Ulama have not liked to do them, which we call Makrooh.

🕌 1. Performing ablution at an impure place.

🕌 2. Cleaning the nose with straight hand.

🕌 3. Talking about the world while doing Wudu.

🕌 4. Doing ablution against Sunnah.

Mustahab things in Wudu

There are 5 things Mustahab in Wudu. Which have been said to be good to do in Wudu.

☪ 1. Starting from the right (straight) side.

☪ 2. Wiping the neck.

☪ 3. Doing the work of ablution yourself.

☪ 4. Sitting facing the Qibla.

☪ 5. Doing ablution sitting on a holy and high place.

Final Words

Hope you have understood this wazu karne ka tarika step by step.

But let us tell you one important thing that this method of wudu is also applicable for all women, the only difference is that women should cover their head while doing ablution and if they are wearing earring, bracelet, ring etc. get water to the place.

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