Dua for Fasting in Ramadan – Roman English and Arabic Text

Dua for Fasting in Ramadan:- Friends, As we all 🌙 keep fast in the month of Ramzan and we also know that 🥘 Dua to keep fast is read after eating Sehri.

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But we do not know which is the Dua before fasting.

So in this post, we have given Dua for Keeping Fast in English and Arabic Texts. You should read this post completely.

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Dua for Fasting in English and Arabic Texts

So friends, let us know which Dua is recited for fasting.

Dua for Fasting in Roman English

“Wa bi somi gadin navai tu min shahari ramadan”

Dua to Keep Fast English Translation

Translation: – I have made up my mind to fast tomorrow in the month of Ramadan.

dua for keep fast in english text

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Dua for Fasting in Arabic Text

وَبِصَوْمِ غَدٍ نَّوَيْتُ مِنْ شَهْرِ رَمَضَانَ

Dua before Fasting Urdu Tarjuma

اورمیں نے ماہ رمضان کے کل کے روزے کی نیت کی

dua for fasting in arabic text

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How is it to read- Dua for Fasting?

In Islam, it is considered better to recite all the duas with verbally.

That’s why it is better to recite verbally the dua for fasting.

But if someone does not know the dua, then he should know the dua and until he memorizes it, that person can do the intention from the heart.

Like this, I will fast from tomorrow, or I will be fasting tomorrow.

Friends, writing and reading any Arabic Dua in Roman English Transliteration is a bit difficult.

So, you should remember that you must read the dua in English and recite it to someone who knows Arabic so that your words get corrected.

What is the difference between Dua and Intention to Fast?

There is not much difference between Dua for Keeping Fast in Ramadan and Intention. The intention is always from the heart that I am going to do this or that work.

As if we have decided in our mind, “Inshallah, I will fast from tomorrow or I will be fasting tomorrow.”

Whereas in the dua to keep fast, we say that “O Allah, I have fasted for you.”

So in dua, we say to Allah that we have kept the fast only for you.

And we read the dua to keep fast orally.

Is it necessary to read Dua for Fasting?

By the way, if you wake up in Sehri and keep fast, your fast is considered.

Because you had eaten Sehri because you would be fasting.

That’s why your Sahari food is included in the intention of fasting.

But if you express your intention verbally by reciting the dua for fasting, then it is an even better deed and Allah inscribes more good deeds on your part.

But if you keep fast just because you will eat good food at someone’s place for Iftar.

So your intention was to eat, not too fast. That’s why your fast will not be considered.

You must remember that no action is accepted in Islam without intention because the most important thing in doing any action is intended.

If you fast with the intention of showing off, then it will not be accepted and if you fast for the sake of Allah, then Inshallah Allah will get your fast.

That’s why before fasting, definitely read the dua for fasting.

Keep in mind, don’t fast to show off.

Final Words

Friends, in this post, we have mentioned Dua for Fasting in Roman English.

In the future, we will continue to provide information related to Ramadan on this website. So you stay with us.

May Allah give you and us the ability to learn and teach knowledge.

If there is any mistake in writing, then you must tell us in the comment.

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