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Friends, if you are searching online for the 99 Names of Allah in Roman English but you can’t find anywhere Allah’s 99 Names in the English Language.

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Then here in this post, we have provided 99 Names of Allah with Meaning in English. Hope you will get benefit from reading these English names of Allah.

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99 Names of Allah in Roman English with Meaning

S.No.Name of Allah in EnglishEnglish Meaning
1Ar RahmaanThe Most Gracious
2Ar RaheemThe Most Merciful
3Al-MalikThe Owner, The King, The Ruler
4Al QudoosThe Absolutely Pure, The Most Holy, The Most Sacred
5As SalamThe only provider of Peace
6Al MominThe One Who gives Emaan and Security
7Al MuhaiminThe Guardian, The Witness, The Overseer
8Al AzeezThe All Mighty
9Al JabbarThe Compeller, The Restorer
10Al MutaqabirThe Supreme, The Majestic
11Al KhaliqThe Creator, The Maker
12Al BaariThe Originator
13Al MusawirThe Fashioner
14Al GhaffarThe All- and Oft-Forgiving
15Al QahhaarThe Subduer, The Ever-Dominating
16Al WahhabThe Giver of Gifts
17Al RazzaqThe Provider
18Al FataahThe Opener, The Judge
19Al AleeemThe All-Knowing, The Omniscient
20Al QaabizThe Withholder
21Al BasitThe Extender
22Al KhafzThe Reducer, The Abaser
23Al RafeyThe Exalter, The Elevator
24Al MueezThe Honourer, The Bestower
25Al MuzzilThe Dishonourer, The Humiliator
26Al SamiThe All-Hearing
27Al BaseerThe All-Seeing
28Al HaqamThe Judge, The Giver of Justice
29Al AdalThe Utterly Just
30Al LateefThe Subtle One, The Most Gentle
31Al KhabeerThe Acquainted, the All-Aware
32Al HaleemThe Most Forbearing
33Al AzeemThe Magnificent, The Supreme
34Al GhafoorThe Forgiving, The Exceedingly Forgiving
35Ash ShakoorThe Most Appreciative
36Al AleeThe Highest, The Exalted
37Al KabeerThe Greatest, The Most Grand
38Al HafeezThe Preserver, The All-Heedful and All-Protecting
39Al MuqeetThe Sustainer
40Al HaseebThe Reckoner, The Sufficient
41Al JaleelThe Majestic
42Al KareemThe Most Generous, The Most Esteemed
43Ar RaqeebThe Watchful
44Al MujeebThe Responsive One
45Al WaasiThe All-Encompassing, the Boundless
46Al HakeemThe All-Wise
47Al WadoodThe Most Loving
48Al MajeedThe Glorious, The Most Honorable
49Al Ba’isThe Resurrector, The Raiser of the Dead
50Ash ShaheedThe All and Ever Witnessing
51Al HaqqThe Absolute Truth
52Al WakeelThe Trustee, The Disposer of Affairs
53Al QawiyyThe All Strong
54Al MateenThe Firm, The Steadfast
55Al WaliyyThe Protecting Associate
56Al HameedThe Praiseworthy
57Al MuhseeThe All-Enumerating, The Counter
58Al MubdiThe Originator, The Initiator
59Al MueedThe Restorer, The Reinstater
60Al MuhyeeThe Giver of Life
61Al MumeetThe Bringer of Death, the Destroyer
62Al HayyThe Ever-Living
63Al QayyoomThe Sustainer, The Self-Subsisting
64Al WajidThe Perceiver
65Al MajidThe Illustrious, the Magnificent
66Al WahidThe One
67Al AhadThe Unique, The Only One
68As SamadThe Eternal, Satisfier of Needs
69Al QadirThe Capable, The Powerful
70Al MuqtadirThe Omnipotent
71Al MuqaddimThe Expediter, The Promoter
72Al Mu’akhkhirThe Delayer, the Retarder
73Al AwwalThe First
74Al AakhirThe Last
75Az-ZahirThe Manifest
76Al BaatinThe Hidden One, Knower of the Hidden
77Al WaaliThe Governor, The Patron
78Al Muta’aliThe Self Exalted
79Al BarrThe Source of Goodness, the Kind Benefactor
80At TawwabThe Ever-Pardoning, The Relenting
81Al MuntaqimThe Avenger
82Al ‘AfuwwThe Pardoner
83Ar RaufThe Most Kind
84Maalik-ul-mulkMaster of the Kingdom, Owner of the Dominion
85Zul-jalaali wal-ikraamPossessor of Glory and Honour, Lord of Majesty and Generosity
86Al MuqsitThe Equitable, the Requiter
87Al Jaami’The Gatherer, the Uniter
88Al GhaniyyThe Self-Sufficient, The Wealthy
89Al MughniThe Enricher
90Al Mani’The Withholder
91Az ZaarThe Distresser, The creator of harm
92An-NafiThe Propitious, the Benefactor
93An-NurThe Light, The Illuminator
94Al HaadiThe Guide
95Al Badee’The Incomparable Originator
96Al BaaqiThe Ever-Surviving, The Everlasting
97Al WaarisThe Inheritor, The Heir
98Ar RasheedThe Guide, Infallible Teacher
99As SaboorThe Forbearing, The Patient

Benefits of learning Allah’s 99 Names

  • Strengthen your prayers.
  • You will be rewarded by remembering the names of Allah.
  • Insha Allah, you will definitely get successful in your noble work.
  • It is narrated in Hadith Sharif from Abu Hurairah (R.A.) that he said that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: “There are 99 names of Allah. Whoever recites these names, memorizes them, and acts upon them will enter Jannah.

There are many blessings in these Allah 99 Names.

Benefits of First Name “Allah”

“Allah” is the first name of Allah Ta’ala. All other names of Allah are Sifati. There are many beautiful names of Allah in Quran, but among all those names, Allah is the most special name.

If someone recites the name “Allah” by heart, 1100 times daily, every kind of fear in their heart will go away. Inshallah

Rather you have no idea of the power of this name of Allah, by this, you will be able to recognize yourself and you will be free from all sorrows and troubles. Just say Ya Allah or Allah or Allah with faith.

Final Words

So, we read above all 99 names of Allah with meaning. We need to recite these all of Allah’s name daily.

If there is any mistake in writing all of these names, you can tell us in the comments.

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